Second video from our Melting Butter Session

This is the second song from our Melting Butter Session – this time a cover song. “Tome Ame’s prayer” – by Steve Earle. A song about juvenile delinquency in the 19th century and a desperate and fruitless appeal to a Higher power.

Waiting for Spring Tour 2013 + VINYL Arrivved

Come, see us and hang out:

KNIFEFIGHT! Waiting for spring Tour 2013
24.03. Aachen, AZ VINYL- RELEASE PARTY w/ Sink Franatra
25.03. Amsterdam, Dwaze Zaken w/Baby Face Nelson, Dear John
26.03. Utrecht, private show
27.03. Groningen, O’Ceallaighs Irish Pub
28.03. Münster, Lorenz Süd w/Trainwreck
29.03. Erfurt, AJZ w/ Trainwreck
30.03. Darmstadt, Oettinger Villa, Angeschimmelt-Youth Fest
31.03. Crailsheim, Easterfolk Fest
01.04. Kassel, Weinbergkrug
02.04. Hannover, Tba
03.04. Lüneburg, CafHete
04.04. Berlin, Restaurant Tiefgrund/Kino Zukunft
05.04. Leipzig, Zu Spät (Späti)
06.04. Dresden, Galerie Adam Ziege

We got the vinyl-version from a debut album with us.

Tour Diary – October 2012

Day 1: AZ Köln /w SINK FRANATRA! (October 10)

What a treat is was to start off the tour at one of the coolest radical places around, the AZ in Cologne, alongside our part-time tour buddies SINK FRANATRA! The show was an interesting musical mix since we opened up for two HC bands, of which some of the members were acquaintances of ours. As we expected, most people where there more for Rock’n’Roll than for banjos and violins. Nonetheless, a whole bunch of your friends made it down to the AZ the hang out. We decided to play semi-picked up, with a capacitor mic in the middle of us. Our friends Lukas and Kristina decided to go along with our approach, which proved to be slightly difficult here and there due to the noise level in the place. People just weren’t really up for sweet ballads on a Friday night. SINK FRANATRA! played a great set despite the noise issues. We were a happy bunch at the end of the night, being excited about the next day in Bielefeld. Due to unknown public transport issues, Marc and Simon found themselves at Cologne Central Station at four in the bloody morning, giving out about the legions of drunken zombies that occupied the place (“Tis disgraceful, isn’t it?”), not realizing that they could barely stand up themselves. To quote the late great Hunter S. Thompson: “Never confuse lust with love or drunkenness with wisdom.” We are happy to report that the two made it to bed safely after all.

Day 2: AJZ Bielefeld /w SINK FRANATRA! (October 11)

The AJZ in Bielefeld is another time-honoured monument of West-German radicalism and DIY culture. We arrived in the drizzling rain and were welcomed by our wonderful host Julian, member of the now sadly defunct HC band ALPINIST. We felt right at home and were served a delicious spinach lasagne which revitalised us in the best way imaginable. We were due to play in the upstairs venue, which is an old picture house. It proved to be perfect for acoustic music, thanks to the wooden floors and walls. The show was our first in a place were we practically knew no one, and had no idea what to expect from the night. Kristina, Lukas and ourselves were messing about before the show and decided to play a few numbers together.

After about twenty people had arrived we started second after SINK FRANATRA!, who once again did a great job. All went well, and eventhough it was a bit unusual to play for a seated crowd everybody seemed to enjoy themselves. To finish off we all hit the stage together to cover a Replacements song. After the show we ended up chatting in our hosts’ kitchen until late. We surely had a laugh and we will surely be back. Thanks a million to our buddy Julian for showing us a hell of a time, our hats are off! ❤

Day 3: DAY OFF in Mainz (October 12)

This Sunday turned out to be our nemesis while we were booking the tour, a whole bunch of things went wrong but it would be too tedious to go into details on this. But since we are lucky fucks, we ended up at Simon’s brother’s place in Mainz, on our way to play the IVI in Frankfurt the next day. Mainz was a welcome resting place to cure some health issues which otherwise might have threatened the quality of some of the shows to come. Thanks a lot to Daniel and Anna for putting us up and feeding us and giving as a chance to store some energy for the adventures of the coming week.

Day 4: IVI, Frankfurt a. M. (October 13)

With the “Institut für vergleichende Irrelevanz” (institute for comparative irrelevance) in Frankfurt, another historical site of radical culture was added to the list of our tour dates. We were thrilled on arrival by the place, its history and its awesome library. Our lovely host Sarah did everything she could to make us feel at home, including drinks and great food. The venue is situated close to the University and was squatted by activists ten years ago to serve as an autonomous space. It soon developed into one of the most important radical spaces in the region. Now the building was sold and the activists running the place face the threat of eviction. We would like to once again express our deep solidarity with the IVI activists and we hope that we were able to take their minds of this ugly business of eviction for a little while. The show went awesome and we were happy to perform several encores. Once again, we were a little over-excited on our way back through the city, singing a horrible, intoxicated interpretation of a Chumbawumba song. It was a great night, thanks to Sarah, Tobi and the IVI gang – and our deepest apologies to Chumbawumba. 😉

Day 5: O’Ceallaigh’s Irish Pub, Groningen, NL. (October 15)

This single date in the Netherlands surely gave our fall tour an international character, perfectly suiting an international band. We bid farewell to our Frankfurt friends and the IVI and headed towards Holland. Long drive, and loads of bad jokes and great music for the way. On this particular day we did not know what to expect at all, all we knew was that the landlord of an Irish music bar would put us up. We had some mixed thoughts about the fact that, after mostly playing for punk crowds, we were going to play a distinguished music bar, where loads of professional folk musicians had played before. And if there is one thing that we ain’t, it’s by all means being professional.

After a fairly long drive we arrived safely in a cosy suburb of Groningen in the far North of the Netherlands. We were welcomed by our incredible hosts, Evy and Peter, who run the bar we were going to play that night. We were amazed by the warm and natural way they had and that they were in no way hesitant to open their home and lives to this rag-tag group of complete strangers. We had an indescribably delicious vegetarian dinner and a good few drinks at the house before we left for the pub. Peter turned out to be a real entertainer and his stories and jokes made the evening even more pleasant. A native of Drumcondra in Dublin, Simon and he bonded over the fact that in the past they could have been neighbours.

When we arrived at the bar we were in for yet another lovely surprise. Ben’s dad Theo drove all the way from Zeeland up to Groningen to see us, alongside his brother. There were few people at the pub but those who were there were enjoying themselves, as we did. To our great joy our set was celebrated among the guests and locals of the bar. After a good encore we received some of the nicest compliments on the tour, by actual folk musicians who claimed to have enjoyed our very own take on traditional music. To but it in the words of Gerry (another Dublin man and local of the joint): “Youse are mad cunts, youse are fucking crazy!” We took this in the most positive way and were more than happy that we made it all the way up to Groningen. Thanks a million to Evy, Peter, O’Ceallaigh’s bar staff and locals, we surely had a blast!

Day 6: Frommestraße, Lüneburg (October 16)

We decided that even if everything would go terribly wrong from now on, our tour was already a big success, simply because we were having such a hell of a good time. We left Groningen and our hosts and headed back over the border to Germany, to the Northern town of Lüneburg. This date was another mystery day to us, since we knew nothing about were we were going or what kind of a show it would turn out to be. We arrived outside of an alternative living community in a huge house close to the centre of Lüneburg. First thing we noticed was that the entire structure of the large building seemed kind of… well, crooked. Walking up the stairs made you feel like you were drunk (and we weren’t). There were support logs inserted in windows and the whole thing was leaning to the left (no pun intended). We were soon informed about the situation of the building and that it was not in danger of collapsing. We sadly learned that it was actually yet another radical community that was under the threat of eviction due to the owners refusal to renovate the estate. It was sad to see another group of great people who were exhausted from fighting for their space. This was a sight which we unfortunately became all too familiar with on our tour.

All the more we were looking forward to play the basement of this great house. The show was spectacular, we expected no people and about fifty showed up and there was even some dancing, which isn’t the regular thing to happen at our shows. Thanks so much to our friend Lyna for setting up the show, to all the Frommestraße kids (hang in there guys!!!) and everyone who came and spent time with us. We are truly lucky to have met all of you!

Day 7: Ma Thilda, Berlin (October 17)

We departed from Lüneburg and made our way towards the capital. It was a warm and beautiful autumn day and as we were approaching the big city the sunlight was glazing upon the vast fields and forests of the Brandenburg region. The voracious giant that is Berlin was ahead of us, and would prove to present itself as a drastic contrast to the beautiful rural areas we passed on our way. The bar we were meant to play that night was situated in the Neukölln district, a fairly rough and urban part of Berlin. Our friend Micha had hooked us up with the place but unfortunately couldn’t be there that night because of work. Ma Thilda is a very cosy corner bar off the main strip of Neukölln. The owner and bar staff were very nice to us. We met with a number of friends and family there and had a good few drinks before starting. There weren’t an awful lot of people at the show but we had a laugh nonetheless, used no PA, and even played an encore for those who were listening. Then we had some more drinks, sold a bit of stuff and headed over to our sleeping place. Thanks to Micha, Volker, Florian, Anni and all our friends who came to the show. You made Berlin a place to remember.

Day 8: Too Much, Dresden /w SINK FRANATRA! (October 18)

Off to Dresden, one of the prettiest cities in all of the world, according to our humble opinion. This day would be great, if only for the Neustadt district in which we would play. The venue was a thrift shop called “Too Much”. The bloke who set up the show was Björn, the sweetest fellah in all of Dresden. The second hand clothes all around invited to a little dressing up for entertainment. On this day we were rejoined by our buddies SINK FRANATRA!. They drove all the way East for Dresden and Leipzig and to party with us – that’s what we call commitment! They played a lovely set, this time supported by Hannes on second guitar. The place was pretty packed when we kicked things off. The crowd were enjoying themselves, despite the fact that many seemed like Folk music wasn’t exactly their bread-and-butter kind of music. We finished a really fun set with a decent encore and were able to sell some of our goodies as well. We then bounced and went to our sleeping location which was within the legendary AZ Conni in Dresden. We ended the night, grateful and tired, with a last few drinks on the porch. It’s good that we came.

Day 9: Similde, Leipzig /w SINK FRANATRA! + RADIKAL SATAN (October 19)

The last day! We were to play an infoshop/alternative space called Similde in Leipzig, conveniently situated just across from where we were going to spend the night. The weather was brilliant and warm for late October and we learned that we were going to play the show in the venue’s back yard! We met a number of familiar faces and celebrated the worthy ending of a tour to remember. Beforehand we only knew that we would open for a French band and were more than excited to learn that their name was RADIKAL SATAN! This couldn’t possibly get any better, we thought. The show was kicked off accordingly with SINK FRANATRA!’s set, once again supported by Marc, Ben, and Maria. We had little expectations about how many people would show up and we were stunned by the fact that it was once again packed. Our set went well and we were really enjoying ourselves. Once we were finished, RADIKAL SATAN set up. The band turned out to be two blokes from Argentina who live in France, playing an accordion and a double bass, furnished with creepy keyboard sounds and drones. They truly lived up to their name, unlike us 😀

Leipzig, you are a lady. We had a wonderful time with you, thanks to the Similde crew, Sylvia, Leipzig punks and everyone who made this lovely night possible! We will be back!!!!

To the people of this forsaken planet!

This is the blog of a band called Knifefight!, created to add yet another cyber-gimmick to the already long list. The point of this blog is to provide you with vital information, useless rants, lyrics, videos, threats and professions of love concerning the folk music of Knifefight!. So please feel free to “follow” this charade and learn more about the band and the people and stories behind it. Even better: come and have a chat with us in real person, if you get the chance. We are usually considerably cheerful and sociable and will be happy to answer all your questions regarding our music and/or will let you buy us a drink. Until then,